B2B/Wholesale eCommerce Integration

Integrate your ERP/Accounting system data for a comprehensive B2B/Wholesale ordering platform.

Complex Pricing

B2B sales require restricted or customer-specific pricing. We integrate multiple pricelists, customer-specific discounts, pricing matrix contracts (volume discounts) and more, so your customers can build up their own accurate quotes and place orders online.

Customer Balance

Customers can see account balance and also account limit in their dashboard to better plan their ordering & credit terms with you – no more “I didn’t realise I was near my credit limit, please process this order” or similar.

Courier Integration

Making a sale is half the effort of running an online store. Picking, packing and shipping are the other main resource-intensive tasks. Integrating a courier with your ERP system means you can fire off orders to a courier company based on certain trigger points, with no human intervention. Trigger point could be “when sales order converts to invoice” or similar.

Order Integration

Orders placed online by your customers are raised against a customer’s account in your ERP system. No manual capturing or data errors possible (increases customer accountability).

Custom Fields

Use custom fields to trigger certain display features, or pull through custom fields as merchandising data to the store, reducing store maintenance tasks and improving data accuracy.

Restricted Ordering

Only customers who have an account with your business can place an order, see pricing or see available stock levels. Choose what sensitive information gets displayed to different types of customers.

Sales Reps

Automatically assign a sales-rep to your customer’s order so that the B2B store integrates nicely with your existing operations, or allow your reps to process orders after-hours.

Customise Delivery Address

Choose whether you want to use the delivery address on file, or entered by customer at the point of placing order. This feature helps eliminate fraudulent transactions.

Custom Notifications

Choose which staff member needs to be notified on order, or on invoice generated or similar based on any workflow requirement. Workflow improvements with B2B go a long way to ensure resources are efficiently utilised.