Third party shop sync guide

Setup and manage your sync with 3d party eCommerce platforms using the below guidelines app overview syncs with 3rd party eCommerce platforms via a native app, or via an externally configured interface. syncs price, stockto your store, and writes orders placed back to your accounting system.


 1 – Acces the app on Netcash Shop

  • A user may do this by logging in to their Netcash Shop account, visiting the “App Market” menu item and installing the app (currently it’s only available on our test shop
  • Once installed, user can click on the following to view the app page Netcash shop integration

2 – Sign up for

In order to use this app the merchant has to sign up on via the in-app provided link. Information is gathered from which we create the account as well as a user account which can be used to log in to directly.

Create a account by clicking on the “Create Account” here:

3 – Complete company particulars for account

The user will be taken to the platform on via a unique registration link which links the users’ Netcash Shop account to Here the user will be prompted to complete the form fields on the “register new account page”.


The user can select from the available ERP (Accounting) sources currently supports.

4 – Account ready to sync to ERP

Once the account has been created, the page on for will automatically refresh and show the following:

5 – Create store sync

The user has 2 steps to complete the setup process.

Step 1 – Click “Create Source” in order to set up the Accounting Data synchronization. The user will be taken to the page in order to complete the necessary fields.

  1. Test your accounting login credentials, which will be verified.
  2. Click “Submit” once the verification is complete (note, if the user has multiple companies, they will be required to select which company they would like to use).

6 – Sync products with Netcash Shop &

The Netcash Shop app page would have refreshed automatically to now display the “Sync from source” button. Click this button to sync the product data between and Netcash Shop. A browser notification will indicate that the sync job has been started.

The first initial sync may take up to 2 minutes to complete, depending on how many products there are.

7 – Add the Netcash Shop sales channel

Now that the ERP data is syncing with Storehub, you can now link up the Netcash Shop account by clicking this button, which will automatically open the appropriate page on your account

8 – Fill out the Netcash Shop sales channel details

Complete all the details on the “Add a sales channel” page here (the cash customer will be the customer account which orders write back to, and the delivery service item will be where the cost of shipping is allocated to on invoices). Once all fields are filled, proceed to “submit” the information here:

9 – Your store is ready to sync with

Return to the Netcash Shop page and click the “Refresh” button. You’ll see the “Sync Products” button is now visible. Click the “Sync Products” button in order to match up the SKU codes found in the ERP with those present in the store. A browser notification will display in the top RHS corner to show the job has been initiated:

10 – Store maintenance

If products are added or modified on Netcash Shop (in terms of their SKU codes) then the user should click the “Resync store” button below in order to match them up to the products synced from the accounting software. If you wish to ensure ALL products created in the store are syncing with your accounting software items, then the “products from accounting” and “syncing to store” summaries should be equal (unless there are more products in your accounting software than listed on the store).

11 – Start transacting and syncing

Once the above steps have been concluded, stock and price will sync every hour if no manual intervention is undertaken by the store vendor, and orders will be written back to the accounting software as and when they’re placed (usually within one minute).

In the footer of your Netcash Shop app you will find a summary of orders placed, products synced and total value of transactions placed in a 24 hour and 7 day rolling window.

Should you need any assistance, please contact our support on